My name is Jack Evans and I’m the person who created Edu Vikings. As a student, I spent years juggling more assignments than anyone could handle. My writing has always been exceptional. But, I know what it feels like to chase an impossible deadline.

Graduating from college and university was the toughest task of them all. When you’re in high school, tasks are a bit easier and not so frequent. When you step up one level or two, that’s when things become nasty for a student.

In my years of studying, I used many companies who sold papers online. This was the time when they became a hit, but also when students knew very little about how badly the results can turn out.

It’s not that I didn’t know how to write. I’m actually a professional writer now for online magazines and journals. I’ve worked for companies that sell papers, so I know exactly how some of them operate.

I was scammed more than once. I’ve seen bad quality, plagiarized papers, and at one point, haven’t received a paper that I paid for. This is when I decided to take notes and share them with other students, just so that they won’t make the same mistakes I did.

It’s also where the idea for this website was born. To help students find reliable companies, I started sharing my experience in details.

As it turns out, many students seek for reviews on companies. The interest was unexpected. I began receiving e-mails from students thanking me, sharing their experiences, or asking me about a company they wanted to know about.

From the first day and forever, this website will be free to use. My goal is to help you save money, not spend them.