The company called Academized offers all kinds of academic papers, as well as projects and services. They do this for a low cost and promise to deliver high-quality results. However, Academized reviews show that the latter is far from the truth. In most Academized reviews, we read about poorly skilled writers, copied content, and on occasion – even missed deadlines.

This does not mean that the company is bad with certainty, which is why we proceeded to do our own research and ordering there. Keep reading to find out what we discovered by the end.

Services and Guarantees

The range of services offered on the site is far from bad. In fact, you can look for any type of paper or academically-related service like editing and proofreading, and chances are you’ll find it there. They cover all subjects and topics, and the majority of papers.

Many things are mentioned with ‘guaranteed’ on the website, but without any specifics. This sounded a bit vague and dangerous to begin with since ‘guaranteed quality’ doesn’t really mean anything unless you know how they guarantee it. Based on their current reputation, it is safe to say that there aren’t really strong guarantees offered on this site.

Prices and Discounts

One thing that is very truthful about is their low pricing. The pricing page lists relatively low rates, but the discounts make for an entirely different story. What begins as a price of $12.99 for a page is reduced by 15% in most cases, considering that both their welcome and loyalty discounts lead to this number.

The price of $12.99 per page applies to high school level with 14-day urgency. Most academic writing papers come at the same prices. If you order a dissertation for the highest academic level, Doctoral level, you’ll also be given a chance to use this price (you’d have to order 2 months ahead in this case).

Admission services are also low-priced here and start at $14.99 per page. Interestingly, this company also offers resume services, which is not very common for academic writing companies.

Quality of Services

So far, things looked really good about the company. There were some issues with lack of information, especially for guarantees, but the pricing and offerings were all good. But, this part ruined things for us.

When we ordered from this service, we didn’t set high hopes about the quality. But, we didn’t expect such bad results, either. After all, a 10-page paper costs a significant amount even at a low-priced service.

The results were really bad. The quality of the paper was disastrous, which indicated that they use a non-native writer to craft their papers. It was evident by the count of mistakes in it, as well as the poor wording in the research paper.

The next problem we encountered was with originality. Even if the quality of writing was good, 43% of the paper was plagiarized from a single source that we instantly found online. This is unacceptable even for a low-priced service since it makes the paper unusable.

Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines seems to be a frequent issue with this company. They delayed our delivery by two hours, which can be really bad if the student orders it right before the deadline ends. We have also read some comments from customers who received their papers days later, not hours. In none of these cases has the company provided any refund.

What Students Say

Students don’t have great things to say about the service. Their reviews are similar in content as our experience was with the company. There are constant complaints about plagiarism, which seems to be a big issue with this service. It seems that they attract them with prices, but do not offer what they promise.

In all comments from students who had the same issues as us, they are not satisfied with the work of the support also. We haven’t found a comment that states how the service resolved such a big issue. It suffices to say that they don’t have a professional support and good guarantees in place.


Academized is offering low prices and good discounts to students, as well as a truly wide range of services, both academic and job search-related. However, this shouldn’t prompt you to buy right away, at least not before you read some of the feedback about this service. You’ll be surprised in a negative way since this company frequently has problems with plagiarism and bad support. Our experience only confirmed all this since our paper was plagiarized, slightly delayed, and was of bad quality, which basically made it unusable for a customer.

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