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EssaysWriting looks like a promising company. Their website, pricing list, guarantees page – everything sounds legit. The website creators even threw in some testimonials from what they say are customers who used the company.

But, for the prices they offer, this sounded too good to be true. No company that hires great writers can set such unrealistic prices. This is why we looked a bit closer. We found out that, unlike the great comments on the website, almost every review outside of it is negative. This is very poorly rated service.

Services and Guarantees

There isn’t a services page on the website, so you cannot read about what they offer or access a list. You can find all of their offerings in the order form i.e. when you decide to make an order.

To save you the trouble, we checked the list. It’s big, offering every type of content writing there is, plus editing and proofreading services.

Unlike a services page, there is a guarantees page on the website. But, you shouldn’t bother reading the content. It’s vague and says nothing specific. There’s no information about a money-back guarantee and how you can get a refund if things go badly. There’s nothing about delayed papers and what would happen in such cases. Basically, the guarantee page is one big scam. There’s a lot of content in the form of vague promises, but no real guarantees at all.

Prices and Discounts

The pricing is the best thing we found about At this point, we discovered that they offer every type of paper at prices that go below $10 when you add the newcomers’ discount. This is very tempting for a student, but also very unreasonable.

According to the pricing list, undergraduate students can get their paper for $10 per pages a base price if they order 2 weeks ahead. They only need to pay $22 if they order it in 3 days. The latter is what most well-rated companies charge for their longest deadline.

Prices are cheap for higher levels, too. Bachelor students pay $19 per page without discounts, professional level papers are written for only $23, and admission papers come at a price of $50.

The first-time discount is unexpected when you learn that these are their base prices, but they offer 10% off when you use a code on the website. This makes Essays Writing a really cheap company, which is strange.

Quality of Services

This is where the company messed up a lot. At this point, we realized one thing that we expected – low prices always mean low quality. The company charged us very little and was annoying with the support they offered during the order process. But, the result was a terrible paper. It was half-plagiarized, half full of mistakes. There was no fixing of it (not that they provided a free revision).

For this type of paper, we received no refund. We didn’t even receive a response, not to mention an apology. The support vanished as soon as we sent them the plagiarism report with the number 43% on it.

Meeting Deadlines

You’d think that they’ll at least meet the deadline considering that they didn’t write original content after all, but you’d be wrong. Our paper came 2 hours late. This sounds like a small mishap, but it isn’t for a student who’s on a deadline and entrusted his assignment to this company.

What Students Say

Samantha Roberts:

I have only bad things to say about these people. They are mean to customers, especially if you say that there’s something wrong about the service (which was a lot, actually). It was all good until I received my paper. With that kind of quality, I will never order again. It was terrible!

Peter Jones:

If you want good quality, I beg you not to go to this company. I was enticed with those good prices. It’s hard to find a cheap service today, and it looked really promising. The result? A research paper without a single reference or source used (of course, I’m not even counting that one page that popped into my scanner from which they took over 50% word for word)!


The actual testimonials from actual customers of this company say it all – this is not a trustworthy source for papers. They are often accused of stealing from online pages, which is unforgivable. There’s not a single comment from a customer that’s been refunded. Our experience was very similar to all such comments. Even though this is a very low-priced website, we wouldn’t recommend them, not if you want quality and original content to submit to get a high grade.

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