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7.9/10 is not a service that you can purchase academic content from. It’s a type of an AI tool which automates the writing process. But once again, not like you would think. We should start this essaytyper review by informing you that this website doesn’t assist you in finding sources, or fixing your errors while writing. It’s not a website where you can write at all.

Knowing this, there are no good essay typer reviews we could find online. Even though this is a free source, it doesn’t provide any kind of service. It’s actually a website that looks like an automated bot, but it shows you some free essay samples.

Services and Guarantees

Essay builders or generators assist students when they write. Essaytyper is described like such service, but it is far from it. When you open the website, you need to choose your essay topic and will be redirected to a blank writing page with solely a title on it (not necessarily your paper’s title). Then, when you start typing, no matter what you type, the tool will write its own content i.e. a ready essay they already have.

Not only is this site worthless since you cannot write or buy original content, but you have to click and click until you get access to the full essay sample they are providing you with. There’s basically no reason why they’d present their essays this way. In the end, this is a site with free essay samples that you cannot really use at school because they’ll be plagiarized.

Prices and Discounts

This is a free-to-use website. Even so, after we finished with the document, we checked it for plagiarism and it was almost entirely plagiarized (mostly from Wikipedia). The only things you can write down in the document are keywords to help the tool search the Web.

This automated tool is said to help students cope with any essay topic free of charge. While it is actually free of charge, it generating your essay based on relevant documents on the Internet is not really helpful. You might be able to use the essay as an inspiration for your paper, but since they just automatically provide the content from other sites, you won’t know which sources to cite.

And of course, since this is a free service to begin with, there are no discounts.

Quality of Services

To log into Essay Typer, you can use your Twitter or Facebook account. The interface is very simple. You just write down your essay topic and they copy some content from different sources so that when you click on the keyboard, words show up automatically. You just need to press a single button for a word to show.

This is not a useful website. We tried several topics and, since the tool couldn’t find anything with the exact same title, it gave us essays with similar titles. When you write in this tool, they’ll also offer pop-up words that you can change and choose from. The tool usually rephrases your title and the content it finds online, but not very successfully seeing how the scanner found a lot of plagiarism in it.

Even the panel controls that look like a Word editor on this tool are fake. You cannot press any button. They are for decoration purposes, just like the entire paper crafting page is.

If you want a bit of inspiration on how to write your essay, you could probably use this tool. But, it would be the same as if you go online and read some essay samples. Why go through the trouble of pressing buttons on the keyboard to get access to an entire essay?

Not to mention, if you need actual academic assistance, this tool doesn’t provide any. It’s not a writing company.

Meeting Deadlines

There’s no meeting deadlines with this website because it isn’t a service at all. Since everything is free, you cannot really complain about the quality of services and they cannot miss your deadline. However, we found it to be pretty much useless to a student who needs someone to help them with their paper.

What Students Say

There aren’t many comments about this website and the ones that exist are not good at all. This site does not offer anything at all except for some samples that aren’t even their own, but taken from other online sources.


The idea that the creator of this site had might have been guided by good intentions, but there’s basically no use from Essay Typer for a student. This website offers no assistance or service at all. It is free to use, but you simply get access to content the AI tool finds online and nothing more. It would be much simpler and time-effective to go online and read some essay samples from sources directly.

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