7.0/10 is a website in a website. Nowadays, there are many writing companies that sell their services through different sites in order to attract more traffic. This is a big marketing scam. However, this company seems to put it out in the open. Right on their website, they have stated that Free Essay Writer is powered by, a writing company. Apparently, these two are the same.

At this point of our freeessaywriter review, we couldn’t understand why they’d create two websites or why they’d put that information out in the open. This is when we started digging into review. We learned that this company is as unpopular as the other one, which was a bad start for our evaluation.

Services and Guarantees

One of the things that gave them some points in this review is their enormous service list. This isn’t a place where you can get essays only. On their website or better yet, websites, you can find the same big list of different services. This list includes every type of paper assigned to students, including dissertations, research papers, theses, projects, admission papers, etc.

According to some signs on the bottom of the pages, there are several guarantees that come adjacent to this company’s services. They say to offer 100% money-back within 30 days, but there is no detailed information about what this guarantee covers.

Prices and Discounts

Freeessaywriter isn’t an expensive company. They don’t have many deadline options, which is strange. Before we give you some examples of their prices, you should know that their list of rates is exactly the same as of their ‘sister site’. Wherever you order on these two, you’ll get the same quote and obviously, the same quality.

The pricing here is lowest for their longest deadline of 8+ days. Even if you need something extremely big or complex, even a PhD dissertation, this is their longest deadline option. Unlike other websites that have better quotes if you order a month or two ahead, the deadline choices here are very limited.

Your choices of a deadline here are 12 hours as their shortest delivery option, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 4 or 5 days, 6 or 7 days, and 8+ days.

This list is limited in many ways. It doesn’t have long-term deadline options and their tightest deadline does not allow for urgent orders for, let’s say, a couple of hours.

Prices begin at $15 per page for high school level, $18.50 for college and university, $20.50 for Master and MBA, and $30 for PhD level. These aren’t expensive at all considering that some of our top-rated choices charge a bit more than this for longer deadlines.

Apparently, these are their discounted prices or at least, that’s the impression you’ll get when you see them crossed off on the pricelist. But, we discovered that both sites have this same pricelist since the start, which makes it an obvious marketing scam and means that they have no discounts – not really.

Quality of Services

When prices are so low, it is often the quality that suffers. That was the case here, too. The reputation already showed us that we cannot expect a lot from their writers. We received a paper with numerous problems. It contained a high percentage of plagiarized content – 46% in 6 pages in total. It had over 30 mistakes and some of the writing was impossible to understand. This led us to believe that they don’t use native writers to do their papers.

Meeting Deadlines

One other issue was that they missed our deadline by 5 hours. When you order, you don’t just say the date that you want the paper to be delivered on. You also tell them about the hour. Even though we did this, they still delayed the delivery. Apparently, this is also not something that’s covered with their money-back guarantee.

What Students Say

Students have a lot to say about this service, but most of it is bad news. According to some testimonials we read, many students have experienced the same issues as we did with delivery, plagiarism, and bad quality.


Aside from some good features like their service list and prices, Freeessaywriter has too many flaws to be considered a fair or trustworthy service. They charge very little, but also deliver poor quality. Their guarantees aren’t clearly presented and are not legit considering that customers here frequently deal with delays, stolen content, and poor paper quality.

There are also many tricks that they use to scam customers. They have fake discounts, operate under multiple websites to sell more papers, and make it sound as if they are high rated with customers, which cannot be further from the truth.

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