Grade Miners review

Grademiners is a company with very low prices. This is a thing that can tempt most students to buy right away, so why is this service not popular? This is the question that we’ve been asking since we noticed the low rating of this service. After reading some grademiners reviews, we realized that even though it is cheap, this company is not known for providing quality.

Starting with an attractive design, the website actually looks very trustworthy. So, we decided to give it a try. In this grademiners review, you will learn how many of the things said on the site are true and whether or not you can trust this company.

Services and Guarantees

On the price calculator found on the homepage, you can access their list of offered services. Alternatively, you can go to the order form to see what choice Grade Miners has for its customers. There isn’t a dedicated service list that will show you this information.

When you access their list, you’ll see that it is big. Every type of academic paper is offered here, which means that you can get just about everything on this website. It goes beyond just academic tasks – this company also offers job application services like resumes and cover letters.

This is strange considering that their entire marketing strategy and website is oriented toward students as their customers. Even so, it still adds to an already pretty big list of different products.

Prices and Discounts

One of the thing that seems to have convinced most customers to buy here are their low prices. They have prices that go down to $10 per page and that is without even adding the discounts offers. The thing that is absolutely true about is that this is really one of the cheapest companies. However, it seems that the quality of services suffers as a result.

Even though you’ll be told that their 15% off is a limited-time offer, you shouldn’t trust this statement. Everyone has received the same offer since the company exists. We’ve read about it in grademiners reviews that date back years, not months.

Even so, on those low prices, any kind of discount comes unexpected. There are not mentions of loyalty discounts or special promotions, not even bulk order discounts anywhere. This is their only discount offer you can use.

Quality of Services

As we said, it is quality that suffers here because of the low prices. You cannot really expect professional writers with Master’s or PhD degree to work at less than $10 for a page, can you? The company shares such inaccurate information, but the truth is overwhelming and all around the web. This company is not a place where you can get top-notch academic essays.

We saw this firsthand when we read our essay paper. The company did so many things wrong. In fact, we think that the only thing that went well with our purchase was that they delivered it before the deadline ended.

Other than this, the paper had everything bad in it: plagiarism, unreliable and inaccurate sources and many, many mistakes. What professional writer doesn’t know that Wikipedia is not considered a trusted source in academic circles?

In fact, we believe that the writer who worked on our order had little experience in writing an essay since he obviously missed the main essay structure (our paper had no conclusion). He also copied 54% from other sources, which our scanner immediately showed us.

Meeting Deadlines

As we said, the only thing that went well with our order was that it arrived in time. However, with such devastating quality, there wasn’t much use of the content anyways. If a student was to deliver such copied and bad content, he wouldn’t just get a bad grade, but might also get into trouble because of plagiarism.

What Students Say

Students say what we experienced – that this company is not trustworthy. There are too many bad testimonials to avoid. This is why it is essential to check a company before ordering.


Low prices have always been one of the most successful tricks of low quality companies. That’s the case with this service too. In addition to low rates, Grade Miners also has a very big list of services and a nice welcome discount. However, their quality makes this a very poor choice of a writing service. They have a constant bad reputation and many complaints about plagiarism and poor paper quality. Since this also happened to us when we ordered on the website, we cannot possibly vouch for this service or give them higher rating.

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