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4.5/10 is not a widely known service. There are very few reviews online, which tells us that this service hasn’t been there for a long time or hasn’t managed to build a good reputation. Since we read every myessaywriter review we could find online, we can also tell you that students don’t exactly praise the work of the writers here. Many things are shady on the website also, which is why we decided to write our my essay writer review.

Services and Guarantees

The first part of our review was a big disappointment. We learned that this company only writes essays and nothing else. That’s probably one of the reasons why not many students use it. Even if a student needs an essay right now, they usually search for a company that will deliver other papers when they need them, too. This company offers nothing else – no research papers, no dissertations, nothing.

Their service range includes writing essays, editing or proofreading them, making presentations, and re-writing essays. They have only listed one guarantee on the site, which is the money-back guarantee.

This guarantee looks ideal. They claim to refund students who get plagiarized papers, delayed papers, and even those who send them a scanned assignment that they failed because of the company. Unfortunately, our experience as well as those of others whose testimonials we read – say otherwise.

Prices and Discounts

Many things are limited here. You cannot order different papers and you’re also limited in terms of deadlines and academic levels. Myessaywriter has two academic level options – undergraduate and postgraduate. They also have six deadline options that range between 3 hours and ‘more than 48 hours’. Even if you make an order 10 days before the deadline, you’ll pay the same price as for 48 hours. This is the cheapest price and it costs $20 per page.

All this makes My Essay Writer a costly service. Surely, if you order two days before the deadline, this price is amazing. But for those who want to tackle their tasks ahead, this is not really an ideal pricing system.

There’s just one discount available on this site. It is not a welcome discount or a loyalty program offer. Customers get 10% off bulk orders of over 10 pages. This is the only discounted offer, which is disappointing, especially for regular customers.

Quality of Services

My Essay Writer is not a company that delivers quality regularly. Our paper was of average quality, which might not be so bad if it lacked two big issues we found – plagiarism and mistakes. It was not worth the cost we paid and since we never got a welcome offer, this paper cost us $20 per page for a 8-day deadline.

The paper was well formed, but contained very few sources. The few sources it had were poorly cited, and one of them was not reliable at all (academic papers should not be based on sources like Wikipedia). When we checked it on our plagiarism scanner, we discovered 33% of plagiarism in it. This showed that the writer copied a solid portion from a single website. After looking at that website, we realized that most of the paper was stolen from there. The other parts were just better re-written, that’s why they didn’t show as plagiarism.

Meeting Deadlines

Meeting deadlines was not an issue in our case, but we found over a dozen comments that spoke of such problems. In all of those cases, the company ignored the students’ requests for a refund, even though their guarantee clearly states this as a reason for a refund.

We also asked for a refund based on the plagiarism in the paper. The support was never online, which is shown in the live chat. They never picked up on the phone number, either. Basically, they sent us the plagiarized and sloppily-written paper and we never heard a word from them again (except for the endless emails and promotions they send).

What Students Say

Students seem to speak about similar issues as ours. Most mention the poor quality and some have checked their papers and found plagiarism in it. Overall, the reputation of this service is really bad.

Conclusion is not a trustworthy source of academic assistance. They offer a very limited service range – only essays. This can push many students away considering that essays are just one of many academic assignments ordered online. If it is not the service list, then it’s the lack of quality and poor support that will definitely make you reconsider ever buying from this company again. This is why we do not recommend trying them out in the first place.

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